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LBD, publicité par l'objet
LBD, publicité par l'objet
  • 1989: LBD company was founded in 1989, when LUC BOHBOT produced GOGOTINE a line of gift products dedicated to the business market.
  • 1993: The second strategic move is made when LBD add MARKETING SERVICES in its global offer to customers.
  • 1997: Family-management of LBD lead the firm into PARTNERSHIPS with European leading suppliers for distribution of specialty products made by other companies. Meanwhile, International Groups as Air France, Accor, EURORSCG, has become regular customer of LBD.
  • 2004: The company experience a new CUSTOMER RELATION MANAGEMENT program to enhance and reinvigorate the services offered to customers.
  • 2005: KINA BOHBOT (Negocia Paris Graduate) join LBD as Media Coordinator Officer.